STCC Team Progress

We are now closing in on the start date for this year’s UNSW Sunsprint Challenge and our teams are flat out trying to get their cars ready in time. This is the most difficult part of the Challenge as configuring the electrical components challenges even the best students.

Our cars are looking good and the teams have done a great job getting this far. There will be some slight changes to this year’s event due to construction in and around the Quadrangle at UNSW. The event will take place on the Village Green at UNSW on both Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd. This should ensure that the shading issues we have experienced in previous years are no longer the case and result in a full day of trials and racing on both days.

We are really looking forward to seeing what these cars can do when out on the track. It will be a great experience for our girls as they get to see how other students have responded to the Challenge requirements.

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Year 9 SMCC Team Design

The Year 9 team from St Mary’s Cathedral College have been very busy honing their skills on Onshape to create an amazing design for their 2017 car. The development of their skills in using the online CAD program is a tribute to the exceptional talent of the students and the College TAS Coordinator, Mr Davidson.

Here are some image of their design. They will be printing the design this week and we look forward to seeing the design come to life over the coming weeks.

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SMCC Year 9 Team Update

Lachlan, Ryan and Vince have created a great design and intend printing their car over the coming week. It is hard to believe these boys are only in Year 9!

The rapid development in their skills using the Onshape program is simply amazing and is a tribute to them and their great mentor, College TAS Coordinator, Mr Davidson.

We cannot wait to see how these cars develop over the coming weeks.

St Clare’s Update

All teams are now well underway with the first phase of construction almost complete. Our two Year 8 teams and the Year 9 team have almost completed their chassis and the enthusiasm levels have increased dramatically as they see their designs become reality.

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St Clare’s Year 10 Team Get Underway

Our Year 10 team has struggled to find the time to devote to the UNSW Sunsprint Challenge. Originally quite a large group the team is now a duo with Emily and Alicia pressing on with their design.

Today they began the construction process as part of the College’s Open Morning. Part of the Sunsprint Challenge is to document the process from start to finish so the girls thought a ‘time-lapse’ video would be a great way to show this part of the construction process.

St Clare’s Update

Our teams are well underway with the construction process. At the end of this term we are hoping each team will have their chassis complete leaving just the axles, motor and gearing to configure after the break.

We have made a small ‘maker space’ in the Library storeroom and space certainly is at a premium! We will have a much improved space once the Library is remodelled later in the year.

SMCC Year 9 Team Progress

The Year 9 SMCC team have submitted some designs to Mr Davidson for consideration. The design process is crucial to the process so getting this stage right can make a big impact on the performance of the car. Having access to the laser cutter is going to mean a lot of time is saved in this process.