UNSW Sunsprint Day 1

We arrived at UNSW this morning with high hopes for a great day of solar car racing. Initially the weather was quite promising with bright light and the odd patch of sunshine but this quickly disappeared to be replaced with heavy cloud and intermittent showers. Not ideal for racing solar cars.

Teams from all schools struggled in the conditions with not one car making it around the 100 metre track. The best any of our cars could manage was to crawl to the halfway point. In progressing this far around the track we were able to record some wins in the Time Trial event. This should put us in a good position for the racing tomorrow.

The day was not a total loss as the girls got the chance to look at how some schools had interpreted the regulations with some very innovative designs. The use of laser cutters was very evident with a number of schools using the technology to produce some innovative designs. It is something we hope to have regular access to before the 2019 Sunsprint!

Our teams spent most of the day modifying their designs and fiddling with gearing to try and get the most out of the limited light available. They may not realise it yet but the learning from today will be of great benefit if we get ideal conditions tomorrow.

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