2017 Competition Update

Here is a list of the competitions set down for this year’s UNSW Sunsprint.

SunSprint 100m track National

The rules for this competition are laid down by the National body and have changed substantially. The new rules are not up on the national site yet but I have attached a draft copy.

STEM Challenge 2017

This is a new competition and its aim is to try and fit in with a unit of work at school but can also be done as extra curricular. It has a brief and a set of judging criteria and will be held on the 100m track. It will be held over the two days.

20m Straight

This is the solar car drag event for both primary and secondary students. It is held on the Saturday and has all the STEM components but doesn’t have any judging except for the fastest car. This is a Saturday competition.

10m Boats

This is the wire guided boats racing over a 10m pond. It has a couple of categories and one can lead to a national event. It might sound simple but there are lots of elements to it. It is also run on the Saturday.
Pursuit Cars.
This is another new competition. Run on an oval track with a car starting on each side chasing each other until one catches the other. Good fun and requires a well engineered car to cope with distance and handling the semi circle at each end. Run on the Saturday.
Open Solar Car.
This new competition is open to all, teachers, students, parents, uni students and anyone keen to have a go. The rules are minimal and it is two laps of the 100m figure 8 track. Fastest car and held on Saturday.

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