Day 2 Time Trials

The time trials began once the entire track was covered in light. One of the problems at UNSW is the track is situated in a corner of the Quadrangle and overshadowed by the recently built student accommodation block. This means the track cannot be used until around 10am.

Once time trials began the conditions had become quite cloudy with the occasional sunny break. This meant some teams recorded fast times while others had to settle for quite slow times if their time trial was run in overcast conditions. There was not much choice but to press on given the tight time frame and once the seedings were done it was clear some of the better cars would be knocked out early.

We had mixed success with our five cars. Some got to run in full sun while others had to battle around the track in heavy cloud. This was quite disappointing as a couple of the teams never got to see what their cars could do when exposed to full sunlight.

photo 2 (4).JPG

Video highlights of the time trials will be uploaded soon!


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