Day 2 Racing

The racing events were quite chaotic as teams were not quite sure how they were positioned at the end of the time trials.

One complication was that the judges had decided all cars needed to compete with the 2 litre tetra-pak inside the car. One of the aspects of the Challenge this year was that each car needed to be able to contain such an item inside the car. The idea of this is to stop teams using the same car each year.

We had asked for clarification on this rule prior to the event. It was deemed that the cars only needed to have the container inside during scrutineering. This change to the process caused much confusion as our five teams had to work together to share our two tetra-pak containers. Eventually common sense prevailed and the judges came to a compromise that alleviated the chaos.

Once racing began the conditions worsened and the skies now were quite overcast and the light was getting poorer by the hour. Most of the cars struggled to complete one complete lap of the track with only the very best cars recording decent times.

For SMCC two cars made it through the first round. Our Year 7 team ‘Flash’ and our Year 10 team ‘Winged Hussar’ both had comfortable wins in Round One but bowed out of the competition in Round Two.

While the day ended without success we were all glad that at least we got to get our cars on the track and test our designs under race conditions.

Video highlights of the racing will be available during the week.


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