One of the great aspects to this project is the mentoring that happens between our older and younger teams members. We have been fortunate to have such generous older students who have been willing to pass their knowledge to those just starting the Sunsprint journey. Our older students have not forgotten the help they received from teams from other schools in the early days, in particular the team from All Saints College. This passing of knowledge is an integral part of the Challenge.

Today it was our turn to share our knowledge with McCauley Catholic College in Grafton. Two teams of Year 9 students have entered cars in the ‘Mini-Sprint’ event which is the normal starting point for schools wanting to take a closer look at the project in action. After some discussion we decided that it would be an even better experience for the McCauley teams if they could start a car in the main Sunsprint competition.

Fortunately we had a spare chassis that was able to be made race ready in only a couple of hours. The McCauley team members absorbed the knowledge Michael, our mentor, was passing on as he demonstrated the assembling of the various components. The car should provide the boys with an opportunity to experience all aspects of the Challenge.

While Michael was giving the Grafton boys a comprehensive lesson in constructing a solar car our Year 8 teams were making some final adjustments to their car. They have certainly done an amazing job to bring their concept to reality.

photo 2

Our Year 10 team also spent the time fine tuning their innovative design. The winged concept could be just the advantage needed to qualify for this year’s national event.

photo 4

Now we just wait and hope that tomorrow brings a cloudless sky with lots of time for testing and practice. Friday is the real test of whether each design can actually get around the track. Until you put the car on the track you really don’t know how efficient and effective your design is.


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