Almost There!

The 2016 UNSW Sunsprint Challenge is almost upon us! All our teams have been working around the clock to get their cars ready for Friday’s scrutineering and time trials.

The weather forecast is bleak! Heavy cloud and rain are not really ideal conditions for racing solar cars. We have experienced these conditions before so we will be well prepared. In 2015 rain on the Friday caused lots of problems but we still managed to get enough breaks to run time trials. Our cars were able to set some good times to qualify with a high ranking for the racing on the Saturday. Hopefully the same will happen this year and each team will get to see if all the work has been worthwhile.

Our two Year 8 teams have shown amazing resilience to push through the many obstacles they encountered to get their cars race ready. Team NRG are still working hard on fixing their swivel wheels to their ‘winged design’. With a little guidance from our mentor Michael they are confident they will be ready to go on Friday.

Team Solaris are much better placed with their car fully completed. A simpler design and standard axles meant this car would come together much quicker. Both teams have much to thank Mr Davidson for. He will be very proud of the end result that both teams have been able to achieve.

The Year 7 teams have also been hard at it working back each afternoon this week to complete their cars. Unfortunately one of the teams found the time commitment too much and decided to pull out of the Challenge. This Challenge is not just about making a solar car. It requires exceptional team work, a lot of critical thinking and creative problem solving. We have supported our Year 7 teams in their first attempt at the Challenge by allowing our Year 11 mentor, Michael to be available for advice and assistance in construction. Watching the best in action is a wonderful learning experience. The Year 7 boys have been great listeners and observers and their cars reflect the time and effort they have devoted to the Challenge.


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