Latest Team Update

With a little more than three weeks to go our Year 7 teams are struggling to get their cars ready in time. In today’s session Michael Salem our senior mentor was able to work with some of the boys to make some great progress.

Our younger students are not really on top of their schedules, which is usually what happens as we get closer to the event. They see the car taking shape but do not realise how much is left to do with the electrical set up taking a great deal of thought and time to get right. Fortunately with Michael mentoring the Year 7 boys there is some chance all three cars will be ready on race day.

Our Year 8 teams are in real trouble. The planned 3D printing process is proving more of a challenge than the boys anticipated. With Mr Davidson working tirelessly to get our senior students sorted with their major works the Year 8 boys are finding things tough. Both teams are ready to print so it will be interesting to see how their progress develops over the next week.

Our Year 10 team are on track and looking to produce a competitive car, while in a surprise move our Year 11 boys may enter a car in the event having previously deciding to retire from competition.


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