Construction Continues

Our teams continued their Sunsprint journey this week as the cars slowly begin to resemble the cardboard prototypes created in Term 1. While our Year 7 teams use balsa for their cars the Year 8 teams have started the process of working out how to convert their online designs into reality.

This process has been simplified by our TAS Cordinator Mr Davidson, but still looks to be extremely complex and challenging. At the moment they have been cutting dowel rods and inserting them into a block of balsa. The rods are then shaped to reflect the design of the car and plasticine used to create a mould from which the 3D printing process will take place. The 3D printer will then print the car in sections based on the mould created. 

We will document this process as it develops as it will provide a road map for other schools who may wish to go down this road in future events. As technology improves the cars being produced by students should continue to be pushing the boundaries of the rules and regulations that surround the event.



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