2016 Preparations Underway

Our teams for 2016 have been chosen and preparations are now underway for participation in the 2016 UNSW Sunsprint Challenge.

This year we will have our largest representation with seven teams from Years 7 to 10 taking part. We have three Year 7 teams, three from Year 8, one from Year 10.

Unfortunately our Year 11 team will not be participating in 2016. They will be assisting in mentoring our younger teams but due to an increase in academic commitments they are unable to put the time and effort needed into the project.

Two of our Year 7 teams spent last Wednesday considering their options for designs, combing through the 2016 regulations making sure they understood what was required in terms of dimensions and design requirements.

Team Need of Speed consisting of Clark, Lachlan, Isaac and Toby.


Team Shotgun members are Kobe, Nick, Chris and Peter.


Ditch Crew members are Jonathan, Angus, Giuseppe and Bryant.

photo (1)

Two of our Year 8 teams spent time with the College TAS Coordinator, Mr Davidson looking at the basics of Onshape, an online CAD program. Both teams performed exceptionally well in the 2015 Challenge and are looking to take their designs to another level.

Learning how to use Onshape is a wonderful innovation for the project and we thank Mr Davidson for being so generous with his time.

Here are some early drawings from our Year 8 boys.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have a new team of Year 8 boys taking part this year. Alex and Nick have been using Google Drawing in the design process. This is an early sketch of their design.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 4.37.48 PM


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