Day 2 Ilios 

Team Ilios had a mountain of work to do on their car overnight to enable it to compete in Day 2 racing. One feature of this year’s event was the reintroduction of the condition whereby all cars had to withstand the impact of a piece of styrofoam at the end of each race. This was the downfall of Ilios in yesterday’s time trial. The boys knew what had to be done and did a great job getting their car ready to race this morning.

Alas things do not always go to plan!

After a couple of minor adjustments they had their car whizzing around the track in practice. Unfortunately another car on the track at the time came off and landed in Ilios’ lane. BANG! Ilios was a shattered mess.

To their credit the boys (with a little help from Team Bullet) managed to get their car back on the track in a very short time. An amazing performance from two relatively inexperienced competitors. Congratulations to both Sam and Alex on a wonderful achievement.

After losing in Round 1 Ilios went into the Round 2 knockout races. Best of three races where the winner moves to Round 3 and the loser bows out of the competition. With a loss by the narrowest of margins in the third race Ilios was eliminated. Here are the highlights of Ilios’ Day 2 adventures.


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