Day 2 Bullet

Day 2 started well for our Year 10 team of Michael, Angus and Kosta. Practice runs looked good and with a blue sky the day promised to be a good one for Team Bullet.

Round 1 saw an easy victory for Bullet over one of the Taiwanese teams but things were very different in Round 2 when the boys came up against their nemesis, South Strathfield HS. There have been many great battles over the years against these guys and this year they have had our measure. This continued today. It was a sign of things to come!

We had never been further that Round 4 at this event and our place in this round saw us again face a Taiwanese team in the best of three racing. An easy 2-0 victory set up a quarter-final battle against Titanium. This was the South Strathfield car that proved too fast for us in the UNSW Sunsprint earlier in the year. 

Unfortunately they were again too strong. Fluctuating conditions again proved hard to deal with and in both races the team set up the car for sunny conditions only to be faced with brief cloud cover for the race. This is always a challenge for all teams and the South Strathfield team were able to judge the conditions a little better.

Still this was our best result at this level and the boys can be very proud of their efforts. There was one consolation and that was being judged the ‘best interviewed team’. Each team is required to meet a judge and explain how they went about constructing their car. While not winning the event the boys produced a car that technically is well beyond what is expected at this level. They would not have been out of place at the World Solar Car Challenge!

Here are the highlights of Bullet’s journey today.


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