Day 1 National Titles Adelaide

At the end of Day 1 one SMCC team enjoyed a successful day of Time Trials while another struggled to get their car through the day’s racing.

Our Year 9 team, Ilios, comprising Sam and Alex got off to a good start with a solid performance against their fellow SMCC team in the first time trial. Unfortunately with the officials enforcing the rule that all cars finish by hitting a foam block Ilios did some significant damage to their chassis and struggled to get the car fixed for the remaining trials.

This regulation has been part of the event for quite a few years but has not been used for some time. The team were aware of this and needed to ensure their car could withstand the impact. Unfortunately this oversight resulted in a mediocre time which will put them up against the top teams at the start of racing tomorrow. They will certainly have to work hard overnight to get their car in shape for Day 2.

Our Year 10 boys performed particularly well once again with Bullet proving very competitive in the hot sunny conditions. At the end of the day their best time was 17.3s which put them slightly behind the top cars. They will need to think hard about how they can find that extra 0.5s of speed before tomorrow.


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