Round 1 Racing Day 2

Only one car was seeded after Day 1. Bullet 2, the 2014 had progressed through to Round 3 based on their time in the time trials on Day 1. All other cars had to win their first round event to go directly through to Round 3. A loss meant moving into knockout racing in Round 2.

Ilios was the first car through to Round 3. This was an amazing turnaround by the Year 9 team as the car could barely complete a lap of the track yesterday.

Solaris was next through with a convincing win. This car has shown tremendous speed and looks like it could feature in the later rounds. A wonderful achievement by our Year 7 boys.

Bullet 1 with its amazing innovation was the talk of Day 1. Unfortunately the team could not get the car set up to perform at its optimum yesterday but after some serious thinking overnight it was looking much more impressive in the first race today.

Unfortunately our final team for Round 1, NRG (Speedy Gone Solarez) were narrowly beaten and had to move to Round 2 for a series of knockout races.


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