2015 Year 7 Teams Underway

Our Year 7 teams have had their first PBL session to get their heads around the rules and regulations for this year’s event.

photo 2

Both teams spent time working their way through this year’s regulations for both the event and the car construction. This is one of the most important aspects of the Challenge. Unless the car meets the criteria for the event it cannot take to the track.

Some boys had dreams of building a Formula 1 style car but one read of the guidelines made them realise this was going to be a massive challenge.

photo 3

The first step is to complete some rough sketches of what the car could look like. Looking at past events to see what some of the winning cars looked like proved useful with the teardrop design a tried and tested design.

Over the next few weeks we will be chronicling the journey of our Year 7 teams as they try to find a way to build a competitive car.

They will be mentored by our Year 10 team of Michael, Kosta and Angus who are widely recognised as leaders in the field of model solar car design and construction.

They will also be entering a car in this year’s event. Last year their carbon fibre beast, ‘Bullet’ was not seen until a week or two before the event. We know they are going down the carbon fibre road again so it might be some time before we see what their car for 2015 looks like.

The National Championships will be held in Adelaide this year. We are hopeful that at least one team will make it through to represent the College and the State.



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