Sunsprint Day 2 ‘Bullet’

Our champions from 2013 were certainly the focus of much attention throughout the two days with their carbon fibre car standing out both on and off the track.

After finishing third in the time trials on Day 1 they had a lot of thinking to do overnight to try to match the speed of both South Strathfield cars. Throughout the day the team experimented with various gearing and wiring combinations even removing the electrics in the finals to try and get the most out of their car. Unfortunately they were not able to match the South Strathfield cars. Their ability to match their car with the unpredictable conditions provided the extra speed needed to get them over the line in both final races.

The team are to be commended not only on a wonderful achievement but also the lengths they went to to create a car that has never been done before. The use of carbon fibre is a great innovation that captured the imagination of all involved.

Here is the journey of ‘Bullet’. The second semi final and second final will be uploaded soon.


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