Term 2 Update

All teams are now well underway in terms of construction. After a lot of deliberation around designs each team has a clear idea of where they are heading.

Our Year 7 team has decided to keep to a very conservative design base but have a few interesting ideas for the body of their car. They have been working under the guidance of Michael, our lead designer in the Year 9 team.

image (1) copy image (1)

The Year 8 team has followed the lead of some of the top teams from 2013 and kept with the tear drop design along with a couple of modifications in order to meet the guidelines for this year.

photo 3

The Year 9 team is giving nothing away in terms of design thoughts or materials preferring to maintain a competitive edge over any rival teams. Hopefully we will be able to get some information or images from them closer to the event.

The world of model solar car racing is highly competitive up until the event when teams are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with each other. Until then secrecy is a must as the top teams look to keep any innovations under wraps.



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