Work Begins

Our Year 7 team are straight into their project today after being announced as the team to represent the College. The team have decided to call themselves ‘SMCC SPEED’ but are yet to decide on a car name.

In our first session today we went through the 2014 National Guidelines for Model Solar Cars. The biggest change from 2013 is the move to a four-wheeled car rather than the three-wheeled cars that dominated the recent Nationals.

In our second session the boys started drawing some ideas for their car on the whiteboard. They also grabbed some cardboard to start bringing those ideas to life.

One advantage for us is having our team captain Peter. Peter has some previous experience in putting a car together after watching his brother Kosta and his team win the UNSW Sunsprint in 2013.

It is always useful to look at previous events and cars that took place. Here is the link to the 2013 National Event.

2013 Nationals






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