Sunsprint 2014

This year we are again looking for a team of Year 7 students to represent the College in the UNSW Sunsprint Challenge in September. Participation in the Challenge requires a high level of skill in the areas of design, construction and Science. It also requires the ability to work effectively in a team. You must be a creative person who can problem solve quickly.

To participate in this year’s Challenge you will need to find other like minded students. We are looking for a team of four students. That means not every member of the team needs to be an expert in all aspects of the Challenge. The team selected to represent the College will have someone who knows Science and understands the fundamentals of electricity and gearing ratios. It will also have students who have a keen eye for design. The solar car needs to be built from scratch so you will need to produce clear design plans that will then lead to construction. Finally there will be someone who is capable of taking the plans and bringing them to life. That person will be able to select appropriate materials for the car. He will also be able to cut, saw, sand, solder, glue etc.

The most important aspect of the Challenge is the ability to work as a team. When you think about putting your team together you need to ensure you all get along well and that you are prepared to listen to each other. You need to pick people who are self motivated and can think for themselves. The Challenge requires a lot of independent work and is not for those who sit back and wait for direction.

So you are now aware of what qualities are needed to enter. How do you get selected?

We are inviting prospective teams to submit a video outlining why they should be the team to represent the College. In the video you should highlight the skills of each person and why you think your team should be selected. The video should go for no more than three minutes. We are looking for creativity. The more creative your presentation the better.

Last year we had two video submissions. Both were done quite quickly and while ok they did not really tell us much about the individual’s skills. Plan your video carefully to ensure you have the best chance of being selected.

Once you have completed your video please upload to YouTube or similar and share it with me at

Good luck and you might find some ideas on this site.


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