National Titles

This afternoon we are off to Melbourne for the National Titles at Scienceworks. The last couple of months have seen the Year 8 team developing their car to cope with the expected variations in the weather. Apparently they have a second vehicle just in case there is a repeat of the disaster on Day 1 of the UNSW Sunsprint!

I have not seen the car as it has been kept under close watch by the team who are keen to keep there changes under wraps until race day. What we have seen is the TAS Coordinator, Mr Ramos and team leader Michael working on the 3D printer looking at ways we can print our own parts for the 2014 events. Using the CAD software Michael was able to design a guide roller and then print it out. The boys were looking to test the rollers today in practice to see if they performed as well as the purchased items. It has certainly given them all food for thought.

This is the 3D printer and one of the guide rollers produced.




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