Latest News From the Year 7 Team

Our Year 7 team are making great progress on their car with just a few weeks until the UNSW Sunsprint Challenge. The team members have worked very well together and have received wonderful support from Michael Salem the leader of our Year 8 team and Mr Ramos our TAS Coordinator. Mr Ramos has very generously given up a lot of his free time to help put the finishing touches on the car. I know the boys really appreciate all the help both Michael and Mr Ramos have given.

There is still a lot to do but as the car starts to come together the excitement is building amongst the team. The learning that has taken place has been tremendous. The task of building a car from scratch is much more complex than first thought and all team members have come to realise that over the past few weeks.

Whether their car is competitive or not is irrelevant. Just getting a completed car to participate is a wonderful achievement and the boys can be proud of what they have done to date.

Year 7 2013 Car



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