Year 7 Team Making Good Progress

Our Year 7 car continues to take shape as the team start to prepare for the upcoming Sunsprint Challenge. The team have been getting great advice from Michael Salem who is part of the Year 8 team. Michael’s skill and knowledge has proved invaluable to the Year 7 team. Mr Ramos has also been a great help lending his skill and knowledge whenever it has been requested.

The boys spent some time on Monday working in the TAS rooms before they head off to camp tomorrow. There were some issues around working with the balsa to try and bend it to meet the design requirements. A few techniques were tried before they settled on simply wetting one side of the balsa. While this was effective Mr Ramos suggested using bendable ply which proved a far better option.

It has been interesting to watch the team dynamic of this year’s group. Last year we were fortunate to have a couple of students who were highly skilled in the technical aspects of the Challenge. This enabled us to be very competitive. Our Year 7 team lack the technical skills but are very enthusiastic and keen to learn so it will be interesting to see how they will be able to deal with the pressure of the Sunsprint when the day arrives. Teamwork will be essential!





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