Year 8 Team 2013

Our team from 2012 are now in Year 8 and have been busily preparing for this year’s Challenge.

This is the prototype of the car they are looking to put together. After last year’s disaster when our car was damaged in a collision the team are looking to construct a stronger yet faster car.

Click on the image below to see more of their work.

Year 8 2013


3 thoughts on “Year 8 Team 2013

  1. Hi guys,

    Good to see the school progressing well with this year’s challenge. The year 8 prototype is looking like a serious racing machine. With a bit of fine tuning it could be a very competitive car at this year’s Sunsprint.

    Just a couple of tips which you may like to have a think about….

    1) Cable tying or taping down the wires to the motor will help protect against having the terminals ripped out. For more details see the following post I stuck up on solarfreaks a while back (

    2) Aligning the front wheels with their pivot points will improve car rolling resistance. A similar setup to the prototype but with this done can be seen in the following image (

    Keep up the good work,


    1. michaelburden

      Hi Marc great to hear from you and thanks again for your help. Will be in touch a bit more now we are seriously underway again.


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