2013 Sunsprint Challenge

Welcome to the 2013 Sunsprint Challenge. In 2012 our team managed to construct a very competitive car which was an amazing feat for students taking on the Challenge for the first time.

We were very lucky to have great advice from an outside source in Tasmania and it was this advice that enabled us to build a car capable of challenging.

This year we will enter two cars. Our team from last year will be entering again and we are looking for a team from Year 7 to be part of the Challenge.

Do you have what it takes?

If so then you will need to do the following things:

  1. Get a team of four or five students together.
  2. Make sure at least one member of your team is very good at Science.
  3. Make sure you have someone good at designing/building things.
  4. Ensure all team members get along well.
  5. Make sure the members of your team can problem solve. QUICKLY!

Once you have put together your team you need to then create your submission for selection. The submission must be in the form of a one minute movie highlighting the various talents of your team and why your team would be the best team to take on the Challenge. The movie will be uploaded to your Youtube account and shared with Mr Burden. (michael.burden@syd.catholic.edu.au).

The final date for submission is Wednesday 13th March.

The most creative presentation submitted will be chosen as the team to represent the College at the UNSW Sunsprint in 2013. Good luck. Please spend some time looking at this site to get an idea of what you will be expected to do as part of the Challenge.


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