2012 Teams and Progress Update

We are again ready to begin the race to the UNSW Sunsprint Challenge in September. There has been great enthusiasm around the Challenge and a number of teams have indicated interest. This year the teams will not be based on Houses. Students were invited to form their own teams which hopefully will encourage better teamwork and allow for collaboration outside the College.

Our Year 7 teams are:

1. Chris H, Lawrence, Seth, Fabian, Calvin

This group have set up a blog to track their progress. Concept plan is done now and they need to complete a detailed plan with the components needed before moving forward.

2. Tobias, Benedict, Tyrone, Daniel

Design is happening but still incomplete.

3. Michael, Jason and Angus

Design completed. Parts need to be ordered. List emailed to Mr Burden.

4. Kosta, Nick M and Harrison C

Design is in progress.

5. Phillip, James, Mico

No design as yet.

We will be meeting each Tuesday afternoon through Term 2 from 3:30-4:30pm.


3 thoughts on “2012 Teams and Progress Update

  1. Hey everyone,

    Came across this SMCC Sunsprint page a few days ago and thought I might suggest having a bit of a look at the Tasmanian and Victorian websites for some ideas and hints.

    There are a few pdf help files there as well as plenty of photos of past cars. I have also just recently added a fair bit of info to the CHALLENGE HELP page on the Tas website.

    Also be sure to check out the solarfreaks.com model solar challenge forum and feel free to post any questions you might like answered. Several national committee members as well as numerous past and present competitors are signed up to the site and so an answer should not be too far away.

    While Jaycar is fine for things like car wiring and switches, places like Scorpio Technology, RI gear and solarmppt.com are probably more suitable suppliers in areas like solar panels, motors, wheels, gears, electronics, etc since many of their products are aimed specifically at the solar challenge.

    Good luck with everything this year,

    Marc – Tasmanian & Australian-International Model Solar Challenges

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