Moran at UNSW Sunsprint

The Moran Team did an unbelievable job in getting a car that could race in the highest level of the Sunsprint Challenge. racing on the main track is the biggest challenge and is usually only attempted by older students. Our boys were very patient and worked well together to be competitive.

We were quite hopeful of gaining a victory in at least one race and we were looking good in the first race when the other school could not get their car going. After being declared winners the other car got going and were able to go past our car and claim victory. A very controversial decision!

In the second race the sun was definitely not on our side and continued to hide behind a big cloud. While not helping either side it certainly did not show what our car could achieve.

We bowed out of the competition in Round One but we will definitely be back in 2012 with a more competitive car. Here is a look at a few highlights from our two races.


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