Our First Session Friday 3rd June

Well we are finally underway. Welcome to the first session of the Sunsprint Challenge I hope you enjoy the Challenge and are up for the many problems you will need to solve to get your car up and running.

Today you will meet with Mr Monteleone in Period 2. This will be a chance for you to ask questions about the best way to design your car and what components you will need to make your car run. The most important thing is getting the right components so you car will run at its optimum.

You can spend some time discussing your design or asking Mr Monteleone to check out any design you have come up with. There will also be a chance to have a look at the Regulations and ask any questions about them.

The rest of Period 2 will be filled with looking at some of the designs I have posted on this blog as well as some of the links. There are lots of images of cars that can help you in your design. You will also need to keep in mind that Jaycar does not provide and material that will form the ‘body’ of your car. You will need to think about what type of material will suit your needs best. As a team you will need to come up with the materials for the ‘body’ of your car. You also need to think about wheels and what materials will work best.

In Period 3 you will return to the main group and work in your teams to complete the Jaycar Order Form below. The link on the right side will take you to the online shop. The order form is a Word doc. Download and the open in Pages.

Sunsprint Order Form

Fill in the order form with all the items you think you need for your car. Try not to spend all your money as you may need to purchase more items later. There is a $200 limit per team. At the end of Period 3 you are to email your order form to Mr Burden.


Good luck and I look forward to processing your orders next week.



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